Weibae Never, Age, Relationship, Career


Weibae is a well-known VTuber who has never done a face screen. She has been streaming on Twitch considering the fact that 2019, and she has collected over 1 million fans. Veibae’s reputation is due to her unique voice and attractive streams. She is also known for her bold individual and her willingness to engage collectively together with her fans.

Let Weibae’s face display what it’s far

Weibae’s appearance changed into a live move on Twitch that occurred on October 12, 2019. She had been teasing the screen for some weeks, and her enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting her on the circulate she confirmed a picture of herself, after which became on his website so viewers should see him in real-time.

Who is Weibae Never?

Veibae is a Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) who has been streaming on Twitch for the reason that 2019. She is understood for her particular voice and pleasing streams. She is also recognized for her ambitious persona and her willingness to interact together with her fans.


Weibae in no way showed her face, so her actual age is unknown. However, primarily based on his appears and the reality that he commenced streaming in 2019, he is expected to be twenty years old.


Weibae has in no way shown her face, so her courting popularity is likewise unknown. However, there were rumors that he was courting Twitch streamer SodaPoppin.

Social Media Account

As far as I can tell, Veibae no longer has any social media money owed aside from her Twitch and YouTube channels. She is a VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) and her persona is designed to be an internet individual. She no longer monitors her real identity or any personal information approximately herself.


Veibae’s face screen had a mixed effect on her profession. On the best hand, it brought approximately some backlash from her enthusiasts who felt that her VTuber avatar became a part of her appeal. However, it additionally helped to destigmatize face reveals among VTubers, and it made it extra ideal for exclusive VTubers to select to show their faces inside the event that they want to.

Ultimately, Veibae’s career has continued to thrive for the reason that her face screen. She has persisted in developing in popularity, and she has collaborated with some of the largest names in the VTuber network. In 2022, she became ranked the eleventh most famous VTuber on Twitch.


Age Unknown (estimated to be in her early 20s)
Nationality British
Ethnicity Polish
Occupation Virtual YouTuber
Debut October 12, 2019
Agency VShojo
Notable events Face reveal on October 12, 2019
Current status Active

Physical Status

Hair Long, straight black hair
Eyes Blue eyes
Skin Fair skin
Build Petite build


Veibae’s face display became a massive occasion in her profession. It became met with blended reactions from her fans, but it has ultimately had a splendid impact on her profession. It has helped to destigmatize face reveals among VTubers, and it has made it greater suitable for different VTubers to select to show their faces within the occasion that they want to.

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