What are the different types of hard carry support


A difficult convey support is an assist champion who can scale into the overdue game and become a primary damage provider or playmaker for his or her group. These champions commonly have sturdy offensive capabilities, appropriate survivability, and the capability to crowd-manipulate their opponents

Characteristics of a Hard Carry Support

A Hard Carry Support is a support champion who can scale into the overdue recreation and turn out to be a chief damage supplier or playmaker for his or her team. These champions commonly have the following characteristics:

  • Strong offensive skills:  Hard Carry Support helps have skills that permit them to deal good-sized harm to enemy champions. This may be in the shape of direct harm, poke damage, or burst harm.
  • Good survivability:  Hard Carry Support wants the intention to survive in team fights to be able to continue to deal harm and crowd manipulate their fighters. This may be carried out via high base stats, shielding skills, or a mixture of both.
  • The potential to crowd control: Hard to bring the help needed so that you can crowd manage enemy champions so that their crew can observe up and steady kills. This can be accomplished through stuns, slows, roots, or different styles of crowd control.
  • Scalability: Hard convey supports want with a purpose to scale into the overdue recreation and end up a prime hazard to the enemy team. This manner that their capabilities and gadgets have to grow to be greater powerful as the sport is going on.

Types of Hard Carry Support

There are  important forms of difficulty help:

  • Mages: Mage supports are champions who’ve excessive damage output and crowd management. They are normally played in the bot lane with a marksman ADC. Some examples of mage help consist of Brand, Lux, and Zyra.
  • Engagers: Engage supports are tanky champions with various crowd management. They are usually played inside the bot lane with a marksman ADC, however, they also can be performed inside the pinnacle lane as a tank. Some examples of engage helps consist of Leona, Nautilus, and Thresh.

Strategies for Playing a Hard Carry Support

Here are some strategies for playing a tough bring assist:

  • Focus on scaling into the late game. This means farming as a good deal as possible, shopping for items that give you harm and survivability, and keeping off useless deaths.
  • Use your skills to damage and crowd control the enemy group in team fights. You need to additionally try and stay alive so you can continue to make a contribution to the fight.
  • Communicate with your crew and let them recognize that you are a tough deliver help. This will assist them to mess around you and provide you with the resources you want to be triumphant.

Synergy with ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

Hard carry helps have the capability to have exquisite synergy with ADCs, however, it is vital to select the proper champions. Here are a few pointers for choosing tough carry helps that have desirable synergy with ADCs:

  • Choose champions with complementary competencies. For instance, Brand and Caitlyn have top synergy due to the fact Brand’s AoE damage can assist Caitlyn in steady kills.
  • Choose champions with one-of-a-kind strengths and weaknesses. For example, Leona and Twitch have exact synergy because Leona can tank harm for Twitch and allow him to deal damage competently.
  • Choose champions that may assist each different to snowball. For example, Zyra and Draven have appropriate synergy because Zyra’s vegetation can help Draven zone the enemy group and get killed.

Warding and Map Control

Warding and map manipulation are essential for any guide participant, but they are especially essential for hard convey supports. Hard bring supports need a good way to farm thoroughly and scale into the past due recreation, and in addition, they need that allows you to position themselves cautiously in team fights. Warding and map control can help them to reap both of these goals.

Itemization for Hard Carry Support

The itemization for difficult deliver supports can vary depending on the champion you’re playing and the composition of the enemy team. However, there are some standard guidelines that you could follow:

  • Start with an aid item. Support items offer you gold and income, which you need to shop for objects and scale into the overdue game. Some popular aid gadgets include Spellthief’s Edge, Relic Shield, and Ancient Coin.
  • Build items that come up with each harm and survivability. Hard bring help want on the way to deal damage and live to tell the tale in team fights. Some famous gadgets that give you both damage and survivability include Luden’s Tempest, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Lich Bane.
  • Build items that have synergy with your abilities. Some objects have synergy with unique champion skills. For instance, Morellonomicon has synergy with Brand’s talents because it amplifies his grievous wounds impact.
  • Build gadgets that counter the enemy crew. If the enemy crew has lots of magic damage, you may need to build objects that provide you with magic resistance. If the enemy team has a lot of bodily harm, you may need to construct objects that provide you with armor.

Dealing with Challenges

Playing a difficult delivery help may be tough, but it can also be very profitable. Here are a few recommendations for dealing with the demanding situations of gambling a difficult bring help:

  • Be patient. Hard convey helps don’t generally come online until the mid-game or late-recreation. Be an affected person and focus on farming and scaling into the past-due game.
  • Don’t be afraid to die. It’s better to die seeking to make a play than to play passively and do not anything. However, try and avoid dying unnecessarily.
  • Communicate together with your crew. Let your crew recognize what your competencies do and the way they can be used to assist them. Also, allow them to know whether you will have interaction with the enemy crew or use your last ability.
  • Be aware of your positioning. Hard convey helps are often centered with the aid of the enemy group, so it’s far critical to place yourself carefully in team fights. Avoid status out in the open and try to stay near your contains.


Hard delivery helps play a completely unique and powerful role in League of Legends. They can scale into the overdue sport and turn out to be a major damage provider or playmaker for their team. However, they can also be hard to play.

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